Our Story

Paul: I became a Christian in high school and met my first missionary while attending Bible school in England. I met Bridget at college in Oregon.  She grew up in church, but was baptized while teaching in Alaska.  Before we married we both had a desire to serve the Lord overseas.

Paul:  I joined the Army and flew helicopters, later intending to use those skills as a missionary aviator. When my term with the Army was completed, after six years, three continents and one conflict, we returned to Oregon to live closer to family.  Bridget home schooled our three children.  God continued to grow our faith.

In 2009 I applied to Helimission and the leaders invited us to join their team as they bring social, medical and spiritual help to people in remote and inaccessible areas. We attended Bible school for cross-cultural studies. While there, I consulted with Dr. Murillo about starting a medical flight service, AeroVital, in Costa Rica. 

In 2011 I visited Costa Rica and saw the needs of those living in the isolated regions and the opportunity to use my skills to provide medical and utility support by air.  The Lord led us to move to Costa Rica and Helimission graciously loaned us to AeroVital.  We attended the Spanish Language Institute in San José to learn language and culture.